Featured Etsy Review – NORGA

Customer reviews are such an important part of any online business! Here at Buttonhead, we work with clients to take ideas from a concept to a tangible product. Because all of our items are 100% custom made, we work with people from point A to Z on every single project. The part of the process that is truly the most enjoyable is hearing, seeing, and reading reactions to seeing what the product looks like when it’s been finished.


Here is a really nice review from Susan Williams, Captain of the North Georgia Etsy Team (NORGA). NORGA is a collection of artists living in North Georgia and working together to promote and support each other’s businesses. Last week, I made a very cool set of button using their team logo, and I’ve been very impressed with their collection of shops.

I hope you browse around at northgeorgiamade.com and find some goodies to grab!

Band Buttons Custom Made For The Hot Place


Holy sweet band buttons custom made for The Hot Place!

Since the successful launch of their debut album, “The Language of Birds”, this wicked band has been ‘No Big Wheel‘ing’ all over the place. The album has been named among David Bash’s Top 125 albums on his “Best of 2014” list.  How cool is that?!  The band has been getting lot of positive press — including an interview with yours truly!

If you haven’t already seen The Buttonhead interview with The Hot Place lead rocker, Lisa King, you should totally check it out. Lisa describes the motivation behind the album, along with sharing a few of the styles, sounds, and musicians that inspire her.

… and you know what inspires ME? Jean jackets jammed to the max with rad band buttons: