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Production Update and Upgrade

HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451dn Printer

It has been a whirlwind month here at Buttonhead.  Orders have been flying in and out almost-faster than I can keep up with!  Over time, my current production printer had lost speed, and it was becoming more cumbersome to print than it should be.  So, I bit the bullet and invested in a brand new production printer.  It’s so fast!  And the color is beautiful.  I’m really impressed and happy with everything about it.  Hooray for productivity!

This Is Me!


Every year, I try to take a birthday self-portrait photo to keep my online
profiles fresh. I managed to sneak away from a busy production day to take a few
last week. Nothing glamorous! Most of the items I make on a daily basis involve
working with greasy machinery and sometimes dirty metal parts. So, there’s no
need to get dressed up to get grimey. But, here I am: Buttonhead! (minus the

BOOM Sparkle Nail Polish – by Buttonhead!

Earlier this year, I discovered a new passion: painting my nails! I know, it’s such a random thing to be excited about. I’ve always loved canvas art painting, but disliked having a million canvases all over the place (some good, some bad). With nail art, I’m able to get creative, easily show of my creations, and just remove the polish when I’m done to start with another. As a painter, I especially love mixing colors to get interesting shades and textures. Why not do this with nail polish too?

So, I began making my own nail polishes from scratch. I quickly became obsessed, making mica and glitter combinations like a mad scientist! By September, I had a really strong collection of colors, and I decided to bring them to market. I began replicating formulas, shopping wholesalers, designing the branding, taking photos/video, and doing web development. Finally, I’m ready to announce the launch of the line!

boom-sparkle-maiden1 122313-2


BOOM Sparkle nail color is a line of hand-blended indie nail polish. The color creations are made with love and care in small batches to ensure consistent high quality. Each and every bottle is 3-free, meaning free of toxic chemicals Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Toluene. Furthermore, all ingredients are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals in any way. Boom Sparkle nail color is made in a clean, safe environment and in accordance with FDA regulations and the FD&C Act. With every bottle comes a promise of a truly outstanding product in both color and quality.

Boom Sparkle Nail Polish Blog on Tumblr
Shop on Etsy // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Google +

Aside from this launch and the occasional blurb, I will be separating BOOM Sparkle from Buttonhead and forming a new company. So, if you love indie nail polish or just want to continue to look at the nail colors and manicure photos, be sure to favorite BOOM Sparkle on Etsy, fan on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and pin your favorites on Pinterest. I am also in the process of posting several video tutorials, so you can subscribe on YouTube as well. As always, thanks for your interest and support. I hope you enjoy the product, the extra content, and the overall vibe.


logo-full-webWelcome to! My name is Ali. I make custom pinback buttons (badges), magnets, mirrors, sticker labels, and temporary tattoos for artists, small businesses, parties, and events. On this website you will find behind-the-scenes Buttonhead secrets, news, updates, press, promotions and customer resources. I have also created a library of how-to’s for indie business owners and self-employed artists. I hope you find the information inspiring and the extras entertaining.

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Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday 8am-2pm CT

My Office Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 2-5pm CT

I am out of the studio Fridays and Saturdays. I do occasionally check messages, so please don’t hesitate to contact.

VACATION NOTICE: I will be out of the studio and unavailable 4/18-4/21 in observation of Easter.

Buttonhead Branding Updates


Buttonhead has a new look! You may have noticed recently that my logo and listing photos have been given a ‘facelift’. My business has changed quite a lot since it started in 2008. I think these changes can be seen in the evolution of my logo over the years. The Buttonhead logo story is an interesting one. In 2008, I started with a simple twist on a self portrait photo. I was never happy with the limitations of using a photo image, so in 2011, I created a digital design based on the photo. At the time, my graphic skills were limited. I didn’t have much experience with vector drawing, which resulted in un-even lines, trouble with symmetry, and an overall logo that I liked, but did not love. Don’t get me wrong. The 2011 version certainly has it’s charm. There’s something ‘ugly’ about it that I do still like. However, this year in 2013, I began preparations for securing the trademark for my business name and mark. I hesitantly decided to re-draw the artwork and apply the two years of graphic experience I had gained. The difference is obvious. To me, the new logo is softer, more friendly, and speaks to my growth as an artist and entrepreneur. In addition to the logo changes, I also licensed a new font for my business name when written as text, and I made some slight color adjustments. Overall, I’m very pleased with the updates. I hope the branding will stay in place and last for many years to come. I feel proud to have this image represent where I am today and how far I’ve come.

What do you think of the new artwork? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your opinion!

Buttonhead Custom Sticker Labels

Buttonhead Custom Sticker Label Set
For years, my clients have requested that I make custom stickers. I’ve always loved the idea, but label printers are hella expensive, and running 8.5”x11” label sheets through my laser printer just seemed haphazard and half-hearted. After thinking it over for several months, I finally decided to take the leap and invest in a professional grade label printer. I am so happy with the quality! The color is outstanding, and the labels themselves are impressively durable. Right now, I’m starting out with 3 sizes: 1.5” Round, 2”x2” Square, and 3”x2” Rectangle.

Buttonhead custom sticker labels are available now on Etsy!