100 New Button Designs Challenge


I’ve been challenging myself to come up with 100 new buttons for the 100 random pin mix. Right now, I have 70 cool new designs, and I think they work for a wider variety of interests. I’ve got some sporty, retro, travel-themed, motivational, and of course, just plain random, cute, and funny. When I finish the final 30, I will be sure to post lots of photos!

Hooray for New Camera!


Buttonhead got a new camera!

Product photography is a critical part of our business. I’ve always prided myself on having a ‘eye’ for taking pictures, so I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with a better camera. We’ll also be able to record full HD video, and I do have plans to contribute more to our YouTube account. Very exciting!

Please be sure to add us to your social networks to see lots more photos and videos as they’re posted!

2015 Button Packaging


Have you guys seen the new button packaging for 2015? We’ve made so many changes to the business within the past 6 months, I realized the packaging needed a facelift to match!

When you place an order for any of the retail buttons or magnets in the Etsy shop, I package them inside of a resealable zip bag. Then, I staple a handmade cardstock tag to the top, which gives the whole pack a nice, finished pro-look. If you flip the package over, all of our social networking and website info is listed on the back. So, it’s kind of a packaging /slash/ business card thingy.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the new packaging. It’s always good to hear from you!

Ready? Set? GOAL!

Hello Etsy friends! 2014 been quite a year here at Buttonhead, and we’re looking forward to bringing you lots of exciting stuff in 2015. I sat down today to reflect on the progress we’ve made over the past year, as well as what we’re planning for the next. I thought I’d share that list with you, and I’d love to hear your goals, as well. Ready? Set? GOAL!

Things Accomplished in 2014

– Total Buttonhead.org revamp, including a data migration. (Oy, what a headache that was)
– Revised all of our core Etsy listings to be more user-friendly
– New equipment (more to come on that)
– Reduced pricing
– Expanded our studio hours
– Hired a new Production Manager
– Launched the Little Buttonhead web comic

Goals for 2015

– Expand our custom wedding product line
– Offer more custom party favor products
– Get involved in our social media a minimum of once per day
– Blog WAY more!

How about you? Do you have any similar goals for your life and/or your business? I’d love to hear all about it. Don’t be shy! Feel free to leave a comment. :)