New and Improved Design Templates


What sets Buttonhead apart from other pin makers? Aside from our awesome customer service and total attention to detail, you can also download our design templates and use as many different designs for your order as you’d like! As long as your files are 100% print-ready, we’ll make any order with multiple designs for no extra charge.

Recently, we revised the Photoshop templates to be a little more user-friendly, and we’re hoping even more people will try using them! For our illustrators and graphic designer clients, we’ve also created a set of .AI templates if you prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator instead. So, whether you are a Phothshop junkie or an AI-head, these templates should be super easy to use, and a great way to receive our wholesale discount pricing while getting a variety of designs. Beat that!

How To Design a Button in Photoshop

Want to create and submit your own designs? Check out this video tutorial to learn how to take your ideas from concept to print. This technique can be applied to any of the button products made with the Tecre brand button equipment (including button pins, magnets, pocket mirrors, etc).

You will need to download my templates and have a copy of Photoshop to work with the files. When your design(s) are ready, you may place an order in my web shop and upload your printer-ready artwork. Please note: Creation or setup of 1 design is included with every (non-tattoo) order, so you are not required to do this. If you would like to use more than 1 design for no extra charge — or if you simply prefer to create your own designs — your artwork must be submitted using my templates in full page print-ready layout for the entire order. This video will demonstrate exactly how.

Here also are a few additional resources to help you ensure the best possible results:

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Digital Print Color Management

From Screen to Print
This neon green graphic looks great on my computer screen! I’m going to print it out and hang it on my wall. *Print Print* Bummer! My neon green looks like puke green in print. What happened?! Never fear. Buttonhead is here to break down the basics of print color management for you. This article will explain the differences between screen and print color, discuss printing processes, and offer solutions on how to manage your workflow to get the best possible print color result.

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Image Resolution, Print Size, and Print Quality

Why Does Image Resolution Matter?
Have you ever saved an internet image and tried to print it on your home computer? The image looks huge on your computer screen, but it looks tiny on paper! Why?! The answer is: Image resolution and size. This article will briefly explain the basics about image resolution, how it affects print size, and what you can do to ensure the best possible quality of your print images.

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