• Amazing Arists •

Jelene Morris
Discover the magic of her poptoon universe.

Susie Ghahremani
Imaginative illustrations and lots of fun merch.

• Craft Resources •

Handmade goods, supplies, and vintage.

Unanimous Craft
A fun and interactive directory of resources for indie businesses.

Handmade News
The largest handmade craft blog.  For artists, by artists.

T-Shirt Forum
Discuss t-shirt making, screenprinting, heat transfer and more.

• Best Blogs •

Laughing with Broken Eyes
Forward fashion, fresh photos, and friendly chat.

• Great Products and Services •
Software training for Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and more.

Little Black Boxes
Sample a variety of handmade goods from around the world.

• Around the Webiverse •

Local Harvest
Find fresh organic food that is grown in your area.


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