Bigger and Better Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets!

Our “Design Your Own” Save the Date magnets just got bigger and better!

Starting this week, the size of the magnet has upgraded to 2.25 inch, and we’ve doubled the amount of border art to choose from. Most of the originals are still available, but now the artwork collection has some fun new themes to play with.


These magnets can serve as an insert for your wedding, baby shower, or party announcements.


With 24 borders, 12 fonts, and 28 colors to choose from, you can mix and match to get exactly the style that fits your event theme!



New and Improved Design Templates


What sets Buttonhead apart from other pin makers? Aside from our awesome customer service and total attention to detail, you can also download our design templates and use as many different designs for your order as you’d like! As long as your files are 100% print-ready, we’ll make any order with multiple designs for no extra charge.

Recently, we revised the Photoshop templates to be a little more user-friendly, and we’re hoping even more people will try using them! For our illustrators and graphic designer clients, we’ve also created a set of .AI templates if you prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator instead. So, whether you are a Phothshop junkie or an AI-head, these templates should be super easy to use, and a great way to receive our wholesale discount pricing while getting a variety of designs. Beat that!


Heart Mom Temporary Tattoos


Just what every mom wants for Mother’s Day: A tattoo in her honor!

We make these Heart Mom Temporary Tattoos all year round, but it’s a particularly hot item around Mother’s Day. We’ve had clients use these tats as a surprise gag gift, and even as part of their professional family portraits! It’s a funny and quirky way to make mom smile on her big day… without the permanent repercussions!

When I think of the classic Mom tattoo, I can’t help but think of the series premier episode of The Simpsons, “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire” (1989). Bart thinks his mom will be so flattered by a heart tattoo that reads “MOTHER”, so he lies his way into the chair. About halfway through the process, Marge catches Bart, yanks him away and is forced to spend the family’s Christmas money on it’s removal.


I always remember this episode of The Simpsons and associate it with our Heart Mom Temporary Tattoos. Is any mother ever really flattered by seeing her name in ink? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think!

BBQ Wedding Favors – Wedding BBQ Party Favors – Ketchup and Mustard Temporary Tattoos

BBQ wedding favors, served hot and fresh! I’ve been dreaming of this ketchup and mustard temporary tattoo design for years now, and I’m so excited to finally introduce it to you. These wedding BBQ party favors will be a true love match for the bride and groom who are planning a casual backyard or outdoor event. There is just so much potential for fun and photo ops. Your meat-eating and veggie-loving friends with both love sporting this design!

April 2017 Freebie Button

Happy April

Each month, we create a totally exclusive freebie button to include with every order. It’s just a small way to say thanks for your support. For the rainiest month of the year, I thought we’d brighten things up with this rainbow watercolor octagon. Woah, try saying that three times fast: rainbow watercolor octagon, rainbow watercolor octagon, rainbow watercolor octagon!!! :P

PS: Once the month is over, these freebie buttons will be forever banished from the button press. So, get ’em before they’re gone for good!