Halloween Wedding Favors – Sugar Skull Wedding Favors – Temporary Tattoos Demo Video

Today, I wanted to show you our most popular Halloween wedding favors temporary tattoos. It is a bride and groom sugar skull design. I think it’s really, really cool. I have made hundreds of these for people’s weddings, although strangely, I’ve never actually this design on myself. So, here’s a quick demo video to see how it looks once applied. I think you guys are really going to like it as much as I do!


Leopard Spot Temporary Tattoos – Leopard Costume Accessories


NEW this year!

I’ve been really into animal prints this Fall, and I thought it would be super cool to create a set of tats that look like leopard print! These would pair so perfectly with makeup and glitter spray for a fabulously catty Halloween costume. Of course, I had to test them out on my hands, arms, and legs, and they look awesome!

I’ll be keeping these in the Etsy shop through Halloween only, so be sure to grab ’em before they’re gone til next year. RAWR!

Leopard Costume Accessories – Cat Costume Accessories – Leopard Spots Halloween Temporary Tattoos


Sugar Skull Temporary Tattoos – Day of the Dead – Día de los Muertos Decorations Party Favors


NEW this year!

6 Sugar Skull Temporary Tattoos – Day of the Dead – Día de los Muertos Decorations Party Favors

I’ve added 5 more sugar skull designs to my tat portfolio! The pink gem design has been around since 2011, and I thought it was time to give it a few new friends. I designed, drew, and colored a few new themes I thought everyone would like. I call them: Red rose, Plum royal, Spider, Red Sea, and Flame. As always, we make these wicked tats in sets of 6, so you can purchase 6 of any individual design or snatch a mix that includes 1 of each!


All 6 will be available in the Etsy shop only through Halloween, so if you’d like to have a set, be sure to ‘Add to Cart’ before the season is over!


Star Temporary Tattoos – How To Apply

It’s been so long since I’ve made a video! I was in need of a new product photo for our Star Temporary Tattoos, and I figured: “Hey, if I’m going to put them on, I should video it!” So, if you’re interested in seeing a demo showing how the tattoos are applied – or if you’re just bored at work and want to watch me do something, check it out. If you’d like to see more vids like this, please give a thumbs up and subscribe!


Halloween Wedding Favors – Sugar Skull Wedding Favors


I always wanted a Halloween wedding!

During this time of year, we get a lot of requests to make Halloween wedding favors. These bride and groom sugar skull temporary tattoos are the perfect match! The design is hauntingly romantic and can be customized with any text you’d like (for an additional fee).

As always, we can make these with our basic packaging, which includes an individually bagged tattoo with a set of instructions for each of your guests. If you’re looking to really make an impact, we can also make them with ‘Dress It Up’ packaging, which includes the tan-color customized card pictured here. Either way, these tattoos will make a big splash at your Halloween wedding!


Mama Fratelli Goonies Halloween Costume Tattoo

mama_fratelliA Mama Fratelli Goonies Halloween costume! When Suzanne e-mailed me to see if I could re-create Ma’s tattoo as a temporary tattoo, I immediately said “Heck yeah!”. What a genius concept! I’ve been a fan of the movie for decades, but I never would have thought of dressing it up for freight night.   Um, can you say MOST AWESOME FAMILY EVER?!


We had to do some CSI research (Ok, some Google searches) to find out what Mama Fratelli’s anchor tattoo says, and the answer is: SON. Aw, what a sweet lady, right?


Anne Ramsey has got to be one of the most fascinating actresses from 1980’s cinema. As an insane Danny DeVito fan, I’ve always remembered her fondly from “Throw Momma From The Train”. Perhaps an Owen and Momma would be a fun costume for next year, Suzanne? :)

October 2017 Freebie Button

Each month, we create a totally exclusive freebie button to include with every order. It’s just a small way to say thanks for your support. For the creepiest month of the year, I thought I’d make a batch of bloodshot red eyeball pins to match the Halloween fever. This pin will be on my jacket all month long… and probably longer. I seriously think it my be one of my favorite buttons EVER!

PS: Once the month is over, these freebie buttons will be forever banished from the button press. So, get ’em before they’re gone for good!